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26 Jul



12 Jul

Child Safety Tip

 I’m sleeping on the bottom of the ocean

a purple sea urchin my pillow


Take many photos

If a child gets taken by a pervert you have a picture of how they were dressed

and what they look like


No one took a photo of me

A sea turtle swims by

That boy still sleepin’, it observes


Two-Headed Dog: Try it! You’ll like it!


7 Jul


Kayla has a yard sale

sells her Minnie Mouse ears and matching red gloves

then snap!

Vivid memory of herself as a suburban mouseketeer

naïve, sweet, innocent…


Regretting the loss, she runs down the street,

breathing hard

Her hair flies out behind her, all red and snarly,

She hopes to spy the buyer—maybe at another sale…


Kayla’s neighborhood is not so good

When she returns home, all her other possessions are gone,

things she wanted to sell and things she had decided to keep after all

“Even the fucking tables were gone,’ she told me.



 Kayla wakes to Olivia Newton-John working out on the Total Gym

$14.95, 30 day trial

Kayla remembers when she herself wore a tight black leather mini-skirt

and looked good,

fucked Travolta in her dreams

or maybe for real


Kayla switches channels

watches a documentary on the Holocaust

goes into the bathroom and looks at her thin, weak arms in the mirror

Anyway, Kayla’s not so sure the Holocaust ever happened



 Kayla squirts sunscreen on her tooth brush

realizes her mistake

laughs to herself

a light moment

one few and far between


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